Design and Shop Detailing are our expertise.  Focusing on accuracy and information - to minimize unnecessary errors for the workshop and site.  Full or partial services are available, and VLE will assist according to your requirements.


3D Modeling
Whether designing new steel around existing or mechanical elements, designing the entire concept from the onset, or modeling from Engineer requirements, no project is too big or small.  Able to import models from Revit and assist in the design of practical and effective steel connections.


Shop Drawings
General Arrangements consist of a plan view, elevations, sections, and a 3D view. Assembly drawings consist of a single assembly per drawing with different views.  Part drawings are generated separately on A4.  Our drawing procedure helps with an effective fabrication process - clarity and ease.


Developments & Pipe-wraparounds
Able to create complex sheet metal designs with unfolded shop drawings, complete with folded lines, bending direction, folded angles, and dimensions.


Multiple lists are available - according to your preferences. Our basic lists include a Material list, Assembly list, Loading list, Bolt/ Anchor list, Bolt/Anchor erection list, Drawing list, Assembly with Attached Parts list, and a Grating list.


Additionally Included
NC-files for cutting and drilling. All drawings exported for AutoCAD (.dwg).  Multiple exports available to view your 3D model.